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Olivia Benson

We adopted Reyna (renamed Olivia Benson after the strong, confident and independent leader of the Special Victims Unit of the NYPD On Law and Order SVU) in 2020 when we lived in Austin. Olivia has crossed the rainbow bridge Monday night and Sarah and I are just beyond heartbroken. We could not even have imagined how much she was about to change our entire life. Olivia was truly, in every sense of the word, our daughter. There was not one decision we made that was not revolving around her. Whether it was a trip, where to eat, when to go to the grocery store or when to work out. She was our world.

She lived just an incredible life. She moved from Austin to Miami to Denver and to NYC with us. She accumulated 28 flights with us and saw the vineyards of Napa and Sonoma, the Rocky Mountains, Key West and the Atlantic Ocean, the Desert of New Mexico, the arches in Moab, the Great White Sand Dunes, Big Sky and Bozeman, MT. She got to be the city girl visiting or living in Chicago, Denver Miami and NYC and also our country girl in the Mountains of the West and Austin.

She was there was every major moment of our lives. When we got engaged in the Hill Country of Texas, married in Miami, and buying a house in Denver.

Our world may be crashing, but these memories and thinking about her cute little smile are helping us get through. Thank YOU at DDRTX for giving us this, albeit too short, beautiful life with the little girl that made our world.

Day 1 of our lives and just a few memories we wanted to share: