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Welcome to Diamond Dachshund Rescue of Texas!
PO Box 17736 San Antonio, TX 78217 (844) 703-6943

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This little girl, Lily Wheatley, obviously was given an enormous amount of love and was a very cherished member of the Wheatley family. Lily was adopted from Diamond Dachshund and she recently passed away. When Lily passed, her mom reached out to us and wanted to provide a memorial to her beloved pet.

We suggested a gift that could be used to benefit those dogs who were experiencing mental or behavioral issues. Lily’s mom took to the idea right away because although “she was the best dog ever”, Lily had to work through some issues in the beginning. Lily was a true example of what a loving family, with patience, can do for a rescued dog with issues.

In her memory, her family has provided funding for the Lily Wheatley Memorial Fund, a gift to Diamond Dachshund Rescue to help those dogs needing some extra help in behavior training and therapy to get ready for their new life in a loving family.

Diamond Dachshund is dedicated to bringing in dogs suffering from injury or illness. The need for medical care is often quite clear and treatable. But unfortunately, some of the dogs that we take in have some behavior issues or even suffer from psychological damage.

With some of the dogs, it is simply enough to provide them with food, secure housing and lots of love. Others have been scarred so badly that it will take longer to diagnosis and treat. Like people, no two dogs are alike in the reaction they have to life’s challenges. No two dogs can receive the same treatment to help alleviate their fears. It takes the help of professionals.

It is our hope that the Lily Wheatley Memorial Fund will be the foundation upon which others will see that support for behavior therapy is just as significantly important as the need for medical care.

If you would like to contribute to the Lily Wheatley Memorial Fund, please click on the image button below.

Your donation can help us erase some of the damage caused to a dog by abuse or neglect.


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