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Welcome to Diamond Dachshund Rescue of Texas!
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Dexter (Brin-Nee)'s Sponsorship Page
Dexter (Brin-Nee)

Hi! I am Dexter! Sometimes I am called Dex, sometimes I only answer to Mr. Handsome. I am a cuddly, fun guy who has recovered from paralysis. I had a back injury, likely due to genetics, and I had the surgery to fix it. Due to my back, I should not do stairs. After I rehabbed, I can walk again although I am wobbly and have some bathroom accidents when I don't make it to the doggie door in time. I love to rip apart my stuffed toys and hang with the other foster dogs. I am quiet and easy going. My favorite place to hang out is in the kitchen because that is where the snacks live. Meeting new people is no problem for me because I am friendly and charming. Having someone home with me all the time would be a dream come true, but I can certainly nap while you go to work if that means more snacks and toys, but I will need attention and love when you come home. I enjoy the company of other dogs and pretty much ignore the cat.

I have a secret superpower!  Go look at my video and you can see that I know how to arrange my own covers and tuck myself in to bed.  It took my foster mom a while but she finally got it on video.  I know, pretty cool if I say so myself.

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