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Welcome to Diamond Dachshund Rescue of Texas!
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Heidi Joy's Sponsorship Page
Heidi Joy

Heidi is a 15 year old black female who found herself in rescue after her owner passed in a vehicle accident. Heidi is very well adjusted and holds herself well with a lot of confidence. She is very sweet and friendly and has gotten along well with her foster brother and sister. She is pretty much house trained and doggie door trained but does if you open the door for her to go outside for potty. She does well walking on a leash and riding in a car. She loves to received belly rubs and be given attention. She will quickly roll over and expose her belly to you while her helicopter tail keeps wagging nonstop. She still needs some help with manners, specially not jumping up and down from furniture. If she’s given the option of a fluffy bed on the ground with multiple blankets (along with a stern NO if she looks like she is about to jump on the couch), she’ll pick the bed. She LOVES having blankets!
Heidi had a recent vet check and the vet says she is a healthy pet. 
Heidi is 15 years old and weighs 14 pounds.

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