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Willie Gold's Sponsorship Page
Willie Gold

Willie Gold is a very loving dog!  Weighing in at 28 lbs., there’s a lot of dog to love!  He’s got a gorgeous silky golden coat and a longhaired curly tail.  He has a special silly smile that can look a bit ferocious if you aren’t aware of it, but he is very much full of love!

Willie is VERY smart – he likes puzzle toys and figured them out within minutes of playing with them!  He sits on command, responds well to a clicker for training, and loves a good treat.  He learns quickly, especially when treats and praise are offered.  He knows commands like “sit”, “off”, “down”, and “trade”. 

Willie has several “favorites”:  his first favorite is to cuddle up with his person!  Another favorite is car rides – he loves to go for a drive!  Going for a walk is another favorite of his which leads to another favorite of his – meeting new people!  He loves meeting new people!  He can be vocal when visitors come over but all he really wants is to be introduced, loved on, and to make a new best friend!

Because he is so eager to please, his excitement can get the best of him.  The best forever family for Willie would be one with older children that can help him continue to learn, teach him boundaries, and love him unconditionally.  He would really do well with a family that is around often or takes him on errands, but he also does well when he is by himself.  He cuddles in his dog bed or on the couch and will patiently wait for his humans to return when they step away – but he would much rather be with his family.

Willie is crate trained but prefers if the door is left open, he is potty trained and will prance at the door if he needs to go outside, he is the greatest gentleman on a leash, and really only wants to please you.

What is Willie’s biggest wish? -- To find his forever home.  

Willie is 28 pounds and 1 1/2 years of age.

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