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Merlin Onyx's Sponsorship Page
Merlin Onyx

Before Merlin, the great sorcerer, became King Arthur's right hand, we knew practically nothing about him.  Fortunately, we know a lot about this Merlin!  He is full of magical puppy energy.  He is an expert at disappearing through the doggie door to find adventure in the yard....or to go take care of business.  When roaming the countryside, or just taking a walk through the neighborhood, he understands, the dynamics of being on a leash, but he could us a little discipline to keep him from walking you.  Merlin needs no potion to sleep through the night.  He sleeps in a pen with his foster pack and even if he wakes up, he stays calm and quiet.  A quick pick up and run outside in the morning will keep his pen dry.  He goes into a food coma after he east but that just serves as a boost for more fun when he wakes up.  Merlin would do best with a companion and slightly older children.  There are no cats in his lair so we are uncertain of his reactions towards them. 

Merlin is available under a puppy contract. 



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