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Welcome to Diamond Dachshund Rescue of Texas!
PO Box 17736 San Antonio, TX 78217 (844) 703-6943

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Carly is an approximately 4 years old part dachshund and part unknown pup weighing about 20 pounds. She’s very much a puppy with lots of energy. She loves running, playing, and tug-of-war with a toy, blanket, or sock. She still likes to chew toys and needs to be reminded what is acceptable and unacceptable. 
She is a little cautious when first meeting people but give her a little time to warm up and she’ll soon be your best friend.  Carly takes about 5 minutes to settle down in a crate and then is quiet and content after that. She is good with either sleeping overnight in her crate or in bed with her people. She is working on potty training and needs to be taken outside multiple time a day.
With some training and guidance, Carly will be a wonderful pet and loyal companion. 

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