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Welcome to Diamond Dachshund Rescue of Texas!
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Thomas James' Sponsorship Page
Thomas James

Say hello to Thomas James, better known as TJ. A strong and feisty senior male brown short-hair fellow, he joined our group after a rescue phone call was received from a high school representative in New Braunfels.

He has some mild scarring on his right rib cage. The vet thinks he might have been hit by a car and the ribs didn’t heal properly. He also has a hip condition in his right rear hip similar to osteoarthritis in humans. He currently is on a glucosamine supplement for his hip which will need to be maintained during his life. He is also taking a steroid pill at this time to help the inflammation in his hip.

TJ is extremely curious and loves to follow you around wagging his tail. He sleeps in a crate. He likes to have a soft toy he can toss around and use as a pillow in his crate. He knows doggie doors and will do his business outside but sometimes needs to be reminded to go take care of business. He adores lap time (whenever you sit down) and loves to be held on your chest where he can lay his head against your neck (where you might get a kiss or two as you talk to him since he’s not a kissy type dog). TJ has a deep toned bark for a dachshund.

No dog is perfect though so TJ does have a couple of faults that we’re working on. He loves trash cans since he’s smart enough to know they usually contain something delightful to a dog. And he likes to chew up paper, as in a paper plate and my brown paper recycle bag. We’re working on teaching him to keep some distance from around your feet. We’re also working on stay and out. TJ’s a smart old guy as is and willing to learn more.

All in all, TJ is a delightful older dog that does well with men, women and small dogs. He would be better if he could be the only dog.  Unknown with cats. TJ is active around the house and backyard but probably not suited to walks outside due to his hip. So, if you’re looking for a dog to share a spot in the spring sunshine with, please consider TJ; you won’t be disappointed.



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