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Capitaine Jacquouilles "Jack" Noir's Web Page

Dachshund (short coat)  : :  Male  : :  Senior

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Welcome to the Wonderful World of Rescue Dachshunds.  Look around and read their bios.  Find a few whose personality seems to fit well.  Consider one of our Well Seasoned Seniors who are truly wonderful and have so much to offer.  Need help finding the best fit?  We'll help with that too.  Please fill out an application and let’s get you all matched up with a loving new “furever’ companion and friend. You’ll find the application on the “Available Dogs” page.  NOTE:   Adoptions to Central/South Texas residents only   

Please see FAQs for current adoption fees.  All adoption fees are subject to sales tax per the State of Texas.  DDRTX only adopts in Central/South Texas.

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About Capitaine Jacquouilles "Jack" Noir

  • Status: Adopted!
  • Species: Dog
  • Rescue ID: 20-0129
  • Color: Dapple
  • Current Age: 14 Years 10 Months (best estimate)
  • Housetrained: Yes
  • Reaction to New People: Friendly

If you've read Jack's bio before, you read that he's cuddly and sweet and great with his 13 year old foster human kid. You read that he loves giving kisses, loves the big bed, and can use a doggie door. You will have read that he lived his whole life with 1 old lady and when she passed away, her family tossed him to the streets. You know he loves anything remotely leather, does well on a leash, and rides well in a car.... but I'm here to update this and tell you THE TRUTH ABOUT WHO JACK IS!

Jack is a 15 year old, wild wolf puppy, eating machine with an opinion about everything and no fear about telling you exactly what he thinks at all times. Is it dinner time? Jack's going to be the one to yell at you about it... loudly and relentlessly. Why? Because he's 15, he knows what he likes, and knows that you are the one who is going to make it happen.

Are you in his spot? Better move or offer him a lap because you are going to get an earful! If there's a blanket nearby, just grab it and cover him up as a bonus... call it a peace offering for some wrong you will inevitably do unto him in the future.

DON'T LEAVE THOSE LEATHER SHOES DOWN! Unless they are an offering to the God of Speckled Harbor Seals (also Jack).... he's going to eat them in 2.5 seconds. That designer purse, too. Is that belt within reach of a Clumsy Gazelle with Short Legs (also Jack)... trust that the 15 year old parkour master CAN reach them. In my house, we are down 5 pairs of shoes, 2 belts, and a few other random items because we underestimated his climbing skills and sheer determination.

Do you like baby goats and the way they bounce and play? Jack is the guy for you. At night he likes to play a game of "touch my feet and I bounce" on the big bed. It doesn't make trimming his nails fun, but we leave that to the vet and enjoy the game the rest of the time. Jack bounces like a goat and manages to change direction mid-air like a cat. (Don't tell him I said that)

Does your back ache? Jack is an incredible slightly-damp (don't ask me how) heating pad all night long. He's warmer than seems possible and no matter how hard you try to get away, he's stuck to you like glue... there is no getting away.

I know we previously said that he's housebroken and this is semi-true. In true dachshund fashion he's housebroken when it suits him. When we escort him outside like some kind of royalty he will potty on things he deems fit.... but sometimes he chooses to potty inside for no rhyme or reason and maybe it's just to spite us in particular. Maybe you'll be less offensive and he'll decide to take pity on you... but don't expect him to go out in the rain. Potty pads are hit or miss (literally)... but with consistency (and treats), we really believe he could be convinced that outside is THE WAY.

Although Jack has had his share of medical issues (come on, he's 15), he's actually in great shape and is very active... if you hadn't noticed from the above. He came in with a mouth full of horrible teeth, a slightly IVDD back, a big benign tumor, and allergies. All that's left now is the allergies which is controlled with shots as needed. He's a bit crazy, a bit wild, and a LOT to love. He needs a family who has experience with big personalities... a family who is ready to be bossed around and is ready to give a senior the best life possible. He's active, he's happy, he's a serious troublemaker.... he's perfect for someone who needs their life shaken up.

Take a chance on Jack. Consider meeting him. Don't look at the time left... look at the quality of the time you'll get.

More about Capitaine Jacquouilles "Jack" Noir

Good with Dogs, Good with Cats, Good with Kids, Good with Adults, Good for Seniors/Elderly, Very vocal, Does Good in the Car, Leashtrained, Likes to play with toys, Likes to be in your lap, Apartment OK, Needs special care, Playful, Affectionate, Intelligent, Even-tempered, Gentle, Goofy

Love dachshunds and not ready to adopt or circumstances won't permit having a dog?  How about being a sponsor or making a donation.  Every one of our dachshunds receives excellent medical care along with day to day food, love and housing.  Being non-profit, we rely on generous individuals like yourselves to help save these fur babies.  You can do this specifically for one dog with the sponsor button on their webpage or a general donation on our “How To Help” page.  Easy and quick through Pay Pal or your debit/credit card.  You generosity is sincerely appreciated by all and is tax deductable.  Need other ideas?  You'll find tons of them on the How to Help tab.  All contributions are tax deductable.


Diamond Dachshund Rescue of Texas is a non-profit 501(c)(3) volunteer organization with focus on rescue and adoption of pure breed Dachshunds.  All dogs are fully vetted and housed on private property.  Meetings are scheduled upon adoption approval.  Thank you for your continued support to the rescue and shelter communities!  Opt to Adopt!





Other Pictures of Capitaine Jacquouilles "Jack" Noir (click to see larger version):

Capitaine Jacquouilles Capitaine Jacquouilles Capitaine Jacquouilles Capitaine Jacquouilles
Capitaine Jacquouilles Capitaine Jacquouilles Capitaine Jacquouilles Capitaine Jacquouilles
Capitaine Jacquouilles Capitaine Jacquouilles Capitaine Jacquouilles Capitaine Jacquouilles

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